Galapagos Islands

Located 620 miles from the South American Continent these 19 islands of Ecuador are a “living museum of evolution”. This is one of the richest ecosystems in the world, which inspired Charles Darwin’ Theory of Evolution. This archipelago is the perfect destination for adventure and curious people: some of the most unusual species evolved and live here (such as the famous “giant tortoises”.) Because the Galapagos National Park was recently named “World Heritage Site”, tourism is based on a system of visitors’ control that protects the environment. Besides some restricted areas, the archipelago has a lot to explore and discover. A landscape full of volcanoes and a fearless wildlife make this place a unique destiny in the world for any visitor!


The Best of the city


Prepare yourself to be immersed in this wonderful place that looks like a film set. Galapagos gives peace, adventure and inspiration to every visitor…


Landscapes: Each of these “enchanted islands” has its own atmosphere, but all of them have lands of lava formations, cactus forests and green highlands.      

Wildlife: Galapagos’ cormorants, penguins, iguanas, albatross, seals and sea lions accompany the main stars of these islands: the “Giant tortoises”. This destiny is an excellent spot to those who loved wildlife’ photography.


Beaches: These tropical and exotic beaches are a paradise for sunbathing. The deep blue ocean is perfect to practice water sports like surfing or kayaking: Fun and relax are assured under Galapagos’ sun!


Adventure activities: Galapagos Islands are considered the best destination to go diving. Even if you never swim in your life, this must-do experience is available in different levels and you can do it with guides. You can also have fun snorkeling during hours: there is a lot to see under Galapagos’ waters! Surfing, kayaking and hiking are other common activities. 



The Galapagos Islands have a subtropical climate and it is characterized by two main seasons: the warm-wet season (from December to June) and the cool-dry season (from June to December). Temperature ranges from 21- 30 degrees Celsius and the water’ temperature ranges from 23 to 27 degrees Celsius, which is perfect if you want to practice water sports.


How to get to the Islands


Wherever you are travelling from, you will first arrive at either the International Airport of Quito or Guayaquil in Ecuador. Also, there are boats licensed to operate in the archipelago (but they are a lot expensive). Once you are in Galapagos, the only practical way to explore the islands is by boat. Getting around by your own is not safe and all visitors must be accompanied by guides. 

Reasons to visit the Islands:

Nature & Spots: Amazing species everywhere and lots of wild vegetation create a film set when you can be the main character.


Wildlife: The main characteristic of this place is that you can be face-to-face with incredible curious animals.


Enlightening experience: Exploring and discovering nature you will be enriched by this adventure. 


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