Do you want to sign up to one of our programs with a friend, a member of your family, or as a group?

CW Abroad offers discounts for friends and family members, looking to commit to a cultural exchange opportunity together. In order to efficiently deal with each particular inquiry in turn, we ask you to send us an email to: with the following information clearly outlined...


-How many people want to sign up?

-Which destination do you want to visit? Perhaps you would be interested in a variety of destinations? Maybe you want to visit more than one and include more than one as part of the program you choose? Please send us all the information you can.

-What type of international exchange program are you looking for? For example, are you interested in Teaching English Abroad, volunteering for a NGO, interning for a company or organisation, studying Spanish or Portuguese, etc.? Give us all the information you can.

-For how long would you like the program to last?

-When would you like to start?

-Where are you from? If the other people who want to sign up to a program with you are from another country, please list all countries in turn.


To give you just a little bit of an idea of the many possibilities available, CW Abroad works with local organisations across a variety of Latin American and Asian countries. We can organise programs which combine different projects in various countries, so that as a pair (or group) you move logically from one destination, and one project, to the next.

It’s also possible to organise group activities for you all to enjoy outside of the program itself. If part of your program takes place in Argentina, for example, we can organise high-quality tango classes. If you want to work on a project in The Andes, you might be interested in an adventure sports activity program too.

There are many possibilities to choose from. It’s a case of talking things through and then seeing what can be arranged.