Mar del Plata

Known as the “Happy City” of the country, Mar del Plata is the most famous beach resort in the country. However and despite the city’s name (Sea of Silver), Mar del Plata is much more than just a gorgeous coastal city. As part of the “Circuito Mar y Sierras” (Sea and hills circuit), the city offers –within a few kilometers– a range of options to enjoy, according to ages and preferences. Thematic parks, aquariums, ecological farms, seafronts and aerial saunters and boat fishing’s excursions are some of the alternatives in use all year round. In the natural environment of the beaches, ravines and sierras, the city offers the chance to practice a lot of activities in contact with nature. 


The best of the city


From adventure tourism to quiet long walks along the coast, Mar del Plata is a city that can be enjoyed all year-round


Beaches & Surf: Mar del Plata is a beach front city with beaches all along its coast. Surf is definitely a must-do, especially because you can actually try to catch some waves with a city legend: Daniel Gil, the old pioneer whose legend says that he brought the first surfboards to the country in the 1960s.

Nightlife: from the city’s traditional Casino on the coast to an avenue famous for night clubs and discos (Constitución Avenue), Mar del Plata enjoys its nightlife as much as its day time on the beach (yes, you guessed it right, there are also night clubs, bars and discos actually ON the beach to merge both and dance from sunset till sunrise)


Nature and Adventure activities: just a few kilometers away, the city’s landscape changes dramatically to say goodbye to the ocean and hello to green grasslands, hills and lagoons (the “Pampas” picture everybody has in mind when thinking about Argentina) where fishing, canoeing, trekking, rock climbing and many other activities are practiced all year-round.


Eating: As a coastal city, be prepared to enjoy some of the best seafood of the country. Also, the city is proud to be home to a very famous locally brewed beer (Antares) and mouth-watering pizzas and pasta. For a traditional “Asado al asador”, head to nearby hillside cities such as Balcarce and Sierras de los Padres. 



Mar del Plata has a mild humid temperate climate with warm summers and no dry season. Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 2°C to 27°C and is rarely below -1°Cor above 31°C. For surfing and a good, warm summer, visit the city from December to March.


How to get to Mar del Plata:


Located only 400kms away from Buenos Aires, it is really easy to reach the city by land. The most convenient option is by bus with lots of services departing from Retiro Station in Buenos Aires getting to Mar del Plata in about 5 hours. There is also a train going Buenos Aires - Mar del Plata once a day every day.

Reasons to visit Mar del Plata:


-Nature, beach & surfing: Mar del Plata’s Port, more than 40km of coastline, beautiful grassland surroundings.


-Night life and eating: beach bars and discos, locally brewed beer, seafood, asado.


-Sports: fishing, canoeing, surf, golf, horseback-riding.


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