Mexico City

Capital of the country, it is one of the most densely populated capitals in the world. The city is surrounded by valleys and mountains and divided into 16 delegaciones(districts), which are also divided into 250 colonias (neighbors). A rich Aztec heritage can be seen and explore at the Historic Center which is located around the Plaza of Constitución. Besides the cultural spots the city has a lot of recreational places and activities which makes this city one of the favorites in South America.


The best of the city


A colonial past mixed with an exhilarating present makes this city attractive to any visitor. Enjoy yourself in Mexico City!


Architecture: Visiting ruins, monuments and historical buildings, you can be an eyewitness of Mexico’s past. The main spots to discover are: Plaza de la Constitution (also known as El Zócalo), the Monument of Independence, Metropolitan Cathedral and the Templo Mayor (ancient ruins of the Aztecan Empire).

Culture and Tours: The Aztecs gave an identity to the city and the Spanish then left their touch. Culture is breathable in Mexico City: museums, palaces and cathedrals are expecting you! Nowadays, Frida Kahlo’s Museum (also known as Blue House) is one of the favorite places among the young visitors. Mexico has plenty to offer to adventure people: sightseen, volcano hikings, extreme sports and even air balloon tours.


Nightlife: The “cantinas” are Mexican bars where you can enjoy drinks and food at reasonable prices. Many bars offer a combination of Latin and European culture so it is easy to feel at home. Electronic parties and Caribbean Music festivals are very popular these days: be prepared to move your body until the days breaks!


Eating: Although this is the capital of “tacos” (a fried piece of bread filled with meat, cheese and lettuce, etc.) you can find almost anything you desire to eat in Mexico City. There are fast food outlets or “puestos” where you can buy food at very cheap prices.  Even European and Asian food is very easy to find in restaurants do not hesitate and try Mexican flavors!



The weather is divided in two seasons: dry season (from November to April) and a rainy season (from May to October). Mexico City is influence by its high altitude and it is relatively cold during the year: the temperature averages 14° Celsius.


How to get to Mexico City


Visitors can arrive by plane from the Benito Juarez International Airport or also by bus from the near cities. Once you are in the city, there are several options: metro, buses, taxis or train. Remember that Mexico is a huge city and it is extremely easy to get lost, so be sure to take a map every time you explore these lands. 

Reasons to visit Mexico City:

Culture: Architecture, ruins, museums are just some examples of places where visitors can find the anchors of Mexican Society.


Nightlife: Enjoy your night: drinks, lively music, typical festivals are some of the options Mexico has expecting for you!


Eating: Strong flavors and colors are present in every dish.



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