Puerto Vallarta

Located along the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, or just Vallarta, is an authentic paradise. Beautiful beaches, jungles and waterfalls create a perfect scenario for the vacation of a lifetime.  The downtown area is a place where art and nature coexist. One of the main attractions there is the “Malecón” (esplanade along a waterfront) and it was recently renovated. The Malecón is a pedestrian site where no buses, cars or other type of vehicle is admitted: just walk along and relax! English is widely spoken and people are very friendly, always trying to welcome the visitors. Cultural diversity is reflected in the food: there are many beach-side restaurants where you can taste world’s tastes and have a drink. Besides the calm of the beaches, this Mexican city offers dozens of spots to explore and festivals where you can beat at the Caribbean rhythm.


The Best of the City


As a tourist destination prices are higher than many other cities in Mexico, but this resort will satisfy even the most sophisticated traveler!


Beaches: The clear waters of these beaches let us watching whales and dolphins at the bay. Plenty of modern resorts and activities, Playa de Oro is one of the main beaches for visitors. Olas Altas is a famous beach that starts where the Malecón ends and it is full of restaurants and stores among other attractions. 

Adventure Sports: Surfing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, kite-surfing and canopy are perfect for adrenaline-lovers. If you want to relax you can take one of the Yoga classes at the beach: peace and sunsets to cultivate the spirit.


Art and Music: In a city as vibrant as this, there is always something exciting to do! Latin-American Culture is reflected in the local art galleries.  November Festival is a very famous festival that includes: dinners, cooking classes, art expositions and concerts. Every year, Electro Beach Puerto Vallarta brings the best electronic music from around the world to this city.


Lodging: You can choose from a wide range of facilities with both relaxing and adventure activities at the same place. Even there are a high number of five-star hotels and boutique hotels with spas and on-site restaurants, visitors can find more accessible hotels or “casitas” (little houses).



Puerto Vallarta has a tropical climate, with nearly constant temperature and humidity. The warm season lasts from June to October and the cold season lasts from December to April. The temperature typically varies from 16° to 33°C.


How to get to Puerto Vallarta


The city is less than a 45 minute flight away from Guadalajara and about an hour flight from Mexico City. Many cruisers arrive to Puerto Vallarta and even stay an entire day. In the city, you can rent a car (mainly rent cars are modern and luxurious) or use the buses. There are two types of taxis: white taxis (more expensive) and the yellow taxis (cheaper). 

Reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta:


Nature: Vallarta’s beaches and wildlife are unique in the world.  


Entertainment: Relax at the beach during the day and enjoy every night.


Lodging: Five-star hotels and some of the best spas in the world are expecting you at Vallarta. 


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