Located 9,350 feet above sea level is the capital city of Ecuador. One of the main touristic attractions –and pretty interesting fact– is its 0°-0´-0´´ latitude: Quito is exactly the middle of the world! It is one of the few places in the world where you can take a picture with one foot in each hemisphere. The history of this city can be felt in many of its streets. The Historical Center is a 100% must see in your visit. Narrow streets, buildings of volcanic rocks, museums, monasteries and baroque and gothic churches are like a time-travel experience. In Quito, art is in the air: public spaces, museums, galleries, theatres and squares with cultural activities are everywhere. Biking, climbing and hiking are some of the sports you can practice in the green areas around the city. There is always something to explore in Quito! Are you ready?


The best of the city


No matter what kind of trip you are on, Quito has an endless number of places and activities to offer 


Historical Center: It is the largest and most well-preserved colonial areas in South America. There, you can picture how people lived thousands of years ago. The oldest street is La Ronda and it’s well-known for its outdoor entertainment. The San Francisco Square, a place made of volcanic rock where you can find one of the biggest churches of the country, is one of the main attractions.

Sports: Quito has a great number of green spaces and recreational areas to practice traditional or extreme sports such as biking, hiking or climbing. In the Equinoctial Parkvisitors can play soccer, football, basketball and tennis. The Guanguiltangua Metropolitan Park has guided tours for those who prefer to explore and discover the wildlife. 


Entertainment: Be ready to be amazed by museums, galleries, theatres, squares and public spaces from morning till night. A lot of events take place in Quito: concerts, sport events and festivals. One of the most important is the “Patrimonial Nights”, which takes place every Saturday night and brings music, dance and theatre inspired by local legends.


Eating: Quito’s cuisine mixes traditional and modern flavors. Typical ingredients are potatoes, fish, pork, bananas and all sort of tropical fruits. Among other delicacies, you must try: Ceviche (small bits of raw fish marinated in lime juice), Hornado (roasted pork meat) and Locro (stew made with potatoes, corn, meat and vegetables).



Quito has a Mediterranean climate with dry warm summers and mild winters. The temperature here averages 15° degrees Celsius. Because of its elevation, it may take you a couple of days to get used to the altitude.


How to get to Quito


Quito’s airport offers transportation to and from the terminal. In the city, visitors can easily use bus services or taxis. Also, they can rent a car or a bike to move around the city (which is only recommended before night). 

Reasons to visit Quito:


Culture: The Historical Center was declared the first World Heritage Site. Theatres, museums, galleries among other spaces promote art and culture all the time!


Sports & Recreation Activities: Visitors can enjoy and discover the beauty of this city through a lot of activities: biking, hiking, climbing… Either alone or with a guide you will surely have a great adventure!


Typical food and Festivals: Quito has a mix of flavors, colors and rhythms that differentiates it from other cities. It is a true paradise for those who like modernity without leaving history behind. 


My teacher has been so enthusiastic and so energetic. She has such a positive presence and always encourages me to learn and to learn from my mistakes too. These weeks of classes have been incredible. I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Ecuador and have a very high opinion of the language school! It has been a very positive overall experience.'' Spanish course. Candy Wiater


''I really believe that the school, the teachers and the staff are excellent. I would very much like to come back again. '' Spanish course. Kurt Bollman


''My teacher is very good. The language institution is in a very beautiful building. The girls in administration are very helpful. I’d love to come back in the future to take more classes. Thank you to all of you!'' Spanish course. Ray Sanchez


''This month was honestly the best time of my life. My host family taught me so much: between cooking empanadas with my host mom Mari, discussing the immigration policy with my dad Jorge (I think he thought I was more fluent than I was), going out salsa dancing on Chivas with my host cousin or being taught Spanish curse words by my brother, I felt at home right away. The excursions were amazing, too! I'd never ziplined through the forest or milked a cow or swam in a waterfall or rode a horse or bargained at an Indigenous market before, but they were all amazingly fun! Thank you so much for giving me this fantastic experience!'' Spanish course. Suzette Wanninkhof