Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile, located 500m above the sea, is the capital of the country. It is Chile’s largest city and its main administrative, commercial and industrial centre. Although many people only pass by Santiago in their way to other places in Chile or South America, it is a great destination in its own right. A couple of hours away from the Pacific Ocean as well as the Andes, several museums and places to visit, lots of dishes to try and lots of wine to drink… everything’s there, at Santiago de Chile!


The best of the city


With a sparkling nightlife, some great museums and a location that is just a few hours away from completely different landscapes, Santiago is a typical capital city coated with uniqueness, and it has much to offer to any visitor. Here’s a VERY abridged list:


Location: Santiago de Chile sits on a privileged land: it’s only 120 km (75 mi) to Valparaíso, a mere two hours trip is needed to enjoy that beautiful seaside city and take a dip in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re more of a mountain person or rather a skiing one, the Andes are less than an hour away. You could visit El Colorado Ski Resort or, if you feel up to it, you can cross the border and visit Mendoza, Argentina.

Architecture & Museums: You have entire neighborhoods dedicated to other places and replicating some of their architectonic features (like New York, Italy or London-Paris), astonishing neighborhoods like Bella Vista, and plenty of museums, like the Pre-Colombian Art Museum or “La Chascona”, where Pablo Neruda used to live.


Cerros & Markets: The Cerros (hills) are a key feature of Santiago’s landscape, as the city was founded on hilly ground. We’ll mention two must-sees: the “Cerro Santa Lucía” (you can expect not only a stunning place, but also one thriving with history: it is the actual spot in which the city was founded in 1541; you get an exceptional panoramic view of Santiago as well as the opportunity to take in the Cerro’s marvelous buildings, sculptures and fountains), and the “Cerro San Cristóbal” (it’s a hill that dominates the city and on its summit you’ll be greeted by the 22 m tall statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, an amphitheatre, a chapel and places to rest and eat).


3.Wine, drinks & food: Chile’s well known for its wine, which is exported worldwide. There are plenty of vineyards around Santiago in which you can tour around and get to taste different wines, such as “Viñedos Concha y Toro”, which is one of the most important historical wineries (but not the only one!). There are also plenty of restaurants and bars where you can try local drinks like the “mote con huesillo” or dishes like the “chorrillana”.


Santiago has a rather dry continental Mediterranian climate, with warm summers and humid winters. In summer, the temperature can go up to 35 °C, but it usually stays between 29 and 14 °C as maximum and lowest temperature, respectively. In winter, when most of the scarce rainfall takes place, temperatures usually range between 16 and 3 °C.


How to get to Santiago de Chile


Santiago has the country’s most important airport, the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, about 21 km (14 mi) northeast of downtown Santiago de Chile. It can also be reached by land, taking the Panamerican Highway (Route 5 in Chile), the Libertadores Highway (connecting the city to Argentina), the CH-68 or the CH-78 (both connecting Santiago and Valparaíso, among others).

The Metro (subway) is probably the best way to get around in the city, but you can also find taxis, buses and combis (private van services).

Reasons to visit Santiago de Chile:


-Architecture&Culture: Museums, the different neighbourhoods, La Chascona


-Food&Drinks: Restaurants, local dishes, local drinks, bars and clubs.


-Location&Nature: Everything’s close by: beaches, mountains, hills, vineyards, National Parks



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