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VOS Buenos Aires:


This Spanish school is located in the heart of the historical Recoleta District of Buenos Aires. Situated in a very strategic place of Buenos Aires, close to the main landmarks of the city, ideal to start any city tour and with convenient means of transport.


The School offers classes in Spanish with an emphasis on communication: ‘’fluency in Spanish comes from speaking, writing, living and connecting in Spanish’’ they said. Classes are inside and outside the classroom. The school has thinned the classroom walls, learning continues in weekly workshops and cultural activities that make each week a cultural adventure in Spanish language.

This school is like a second family for the students of Spanish who take up lessons in this warm and friendly atmosphere. The classrooms are spacious and cosy and offer excellent study conditions.


Why learn Spanish in Buenos Aires?


Buenos Aires has a wide variety of options for all tastes. It is a unique place to learn Spanish because of the cordiality of its people and the huge selection of cultural and commercial opportunities; the scent of tango in San Telmo, the explosion of emotions during a football game of La Boca, the museums and art galleries of Recoleta,  and the superb restaurants and night life of Palermo amongst many others.

 a) Intensive Course


- 20 group classes/week

- Classes begin on any Monday throughout the whole year

- Courses take place from Monday to Friday

- Lesson length is 60 minutes

- Maximum class size: Average 4 students, max. 8 students

- Popular amongst students and travelers in Argentina for a shorter period of time

- recommended for students who are planning to study Spanish less than for weeks


b) Regular Course


- 18 group classes/2 weeks

- Classes begin on any Monday throughout the whole year

- Courses take place from Monday to Friday

- Lesson length is 60 minutes

- Maximum class size: Average 5 students, max. 8 students

- classes focus on Spanish grammar, vocabulary and understanding of the language and the Argentine culture; based on active participation of the students

- recommended for anyone planning to study Spanish for about 4 to 20 weeks


c) Private Course


- Classes are flexible

- Courses take place from Monday to Friday

- Lesson length is 60 minutes

- Maximum class size: 1 student

- recommended for students who want to improve their Spanish in a short period of time and want to fully dedicate their time to the language learning.




The school offers several cultural activities to give students the chance to truly immerge into the Argentine culture. The following are examples of activities that might be carried out in the afternoons:

- Monday: Movies in Spanish

- Tuesday: Tutorials in Spanish

- Wednesday: Tango or Salsa lesson

- Thursday: Yoga lesson

- Friday: Cultural tours in Spanish or “picadas/Asados”

Host Family:


This is the best option for those looking to learn more about the Argentinean culture and improve and enjoy an authentic Spanish immersion experience, while enjoying the safety and comfort of a familiar environment. Families who choose to accommodate foreigners in their homes enjoy the cultural exchange and see this as a way to learn more about other cultures. Sharing the daily routine with a local family guarantees a true and authentic culture immersion with all that comes with it! Definitely an experience one shouldn’t miss!




*Accommodation options can be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences. If you want another type of accommodation, please contact us directly. We will be happy to personalize your booking. 

The school is closed due to public holidays. Spanish classes will be rescheduled.


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March 23 , 24 
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May 1 
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July 9 
August 17 
October 12 
November 23 
December 7 , 8 
December 25


We offer a 5% discount on all courses for our participants of CW Abroad. 

No surprises! Here's the total price, incl. all fees and sales taxes:


Duration Intensive (20 classes/week) Regular course (9 classes/week)  Homestay without meals
1 week 214 - 110
2 weeks 413 195 220
3 weeks 613 285 330
4 weeks 808 366 440
8 weeks 1577 703 880










Note: All courses at VOS Spanish School can be booked with In case a course is not listed above,  just mention the course description in the comment field of the online registration form.




Registration Fee: 40 USD

- All prices include course material and cultural activities

-Airport Transfer has a cost of USD 65

-Classes times: From Monday to Friday: 09-13 hs. The organized activities in the afternoon will normally be from 2.30pm till 6pm, but some activities (cooking, tango) will be later.

-Age range: 18 – 75 years.

-Students taking private classes will always have extra classes to compensate for holidays.

-Group courses start on Mondays usually.

Booking a Spanish course is very easy and will not take you long to complete.  Please complete our application form and let us know what kind of course do you want to book. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.  We will be pleased to assist you. Contact us at: or call us at:


ARG : +54 11 5199 5458

UK : +44 020 3290 6238

USA : +1 917 267 8828