Spanish Courses/ Special 5% off in Tamarindo/Costa Rica

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Wayra School:


Our Partner School offers Spanish classes to foreign students and residents since 1996. The average age of students is between 25-30 years but students older than 50 years or even retired people are as well more than welcomed. Students come from different countries all over the world - Canada, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Holland, England and Brazil amongst others.


The Spanish School is centrally located in Playa Tamarindo, at just 150 meters from the beach. The school is situated in a beautiful tropical garden. On the premises the students can find three buildings and two small ranchos (open air dry palm huts). All of the 12 classrooms are distributed among the buildings. The classrooms are spacious and comfortable, with large open windows to create a comfortable and appropriate atmosphere to study. There is free Wifi- Internet access in the whole compound and a cafeteria where students can get snacks and drinks.




Why learn Spanish in Playa Tamarindo?


The white sand and crystal clear water of this spectacular beach attract nature lovers, surfers, giant-turtle watchers and sun-seekers all year-round. For the active, sports of all kinds are available: kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, sailing, ATV 4, horseback riding, hiking, canopy and mountain-biking amongst others.


Tamarindo is a small, multicultural town that attracts national and international tourists year-round. This growing town offers many amenities: art galleries, handmade crafts from all over the world and a wide variety of restaurants and cafes. Tamarindo's nightlife includes live concerts, many bars and a casino. Furthermore, typical traditional "fiestas" move from town to town, but are never too far away to be assisted.

a) Standard course


- Average of 3-4 people per class (maximum 6)

- 20 lessons/week

- Great balance between personalized attention and strong base for discussion and conversation practice

- Groups composed by people with similar learning needs

- Classes take place either in the morning or in the afternoon

- Levels: Absolute Beginner - Superior

- Starts every Monday


b) Intensive course


- Average of 3-4 people per class (maximum 6)

- 30 lessons/week

- Great balance between personalized attention and strong base for discussion and conversation practice.

- Groups composed by people with similar learning needs

- Classes take place either in the morning or in the afternoon

- Levels: Absolute Beginner - Superior

- Starts every Monday


c) Private lessons


- Specially tailored to specific needs and interests

- Most intensive and fastest way to learn Spanish

- Recommended for people with specific needs (conversation only, survival Spanish…)

- Flexibly arranged by hours

- Levels: Absolute Beginner - Superior

- Can start any day of the week



d) Surf & Spanish combination package


Our Partner Spanish School  in Tamarindo offers a great Surf and Spanish Program. On Monday through Friday you will participate in the Standard Group Spanish Classes. On your free time and weekends you will have the chance to both take surfing lessons and have the opportunity to surf some of the best areas of Costa Rica.


A typical Surf and Spanish program runs for 2 weeks. During this period you will receive 6 hours of surfing instruction plus the use of a surfboard during the entire two weeks. This program is extremely popular.




Outdoor activities, such as walks in the nature reserves, visits to the different businesses in town to gather information, conversations with people from the community, interviews or excursions to neighboring towns are used to practice and learn more about the ecology, economy and culture of Costa Rica. Furthermore different weekend trips are organized from the school, such as visits in the Santa Rosa National Park including hiking, animal watching and beachtime; boat tours in the Palo Verde National Park to observe the local wildlife; visits of the breathtaking waterfall Montezuma; hiking and hot springs at the Volcán Rincon de la Vieja; visits to the historical town Nicoya; hiking and bird watching at Volcán Arenal, visits to the cheese factory and a night walk in the park at Monteverde Rain Forest and turtle tours amongst others.

Host Family:


To learn Spanish in Costa Rica it is highly recommended to live with a local family. This offers the chance to truly immerge into the local culture and get to know the way of life and the costumes and traditions of the people in Costa Rica. The families are all screened and carefully selected. The host families are looking forward to receiving a foreign student and will try to make his/her stay unforgettable. The families live in small and traditional homes in the towns of Villareal and Santa Rosa. The host mothers prepare a variety of fresh and tasty meals. In the homes, each student has a private room, unless otherwise arranged, and the bathrooms normally are shared with the family.



*Accommodation options can be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences. If you want another type of accommodation, please contact us directly. We will be happy to personalize your booking.


The school is closed due to public holidays. Spanish classes will be rescheduled.


In 2017 (including national and regional bank holidays): 01.Jan.2016, 19.Mar.2016, 24.Mar.2016, 25.Mar.2016, 11.Apr.2016, 01.May.2016, 19.Jun.2016, 25.Jul.2016, 02.Aug.2016, 15.Aug.2016, 24.Aug.2016, 09.Sep.2016, 15.Sep.2016, 12.Oct.2016, 02.Nov.2016, 22.Nov.2016, 08.Dec.2016, 25.Dec.2016, 31.Dec.2016 

In 2017 (including national and regional bank holidays):01.Jan.2017, 11.Apr.2017, 13.Apr.2017, 14.Apr.2017, 01.May.2017, 25.Jul.2017, 02.Aug.2017, 15.Aug.2017, 15.Sep.2017, 12.Oct.2017, 25.Dec.2017

We offer a 5% discount on all courses for our participants of CW Abroad. 

No surprises! Here's the total price, incl. all fees and sales taxes:


Duration 20 hours group lessons and homestay (half board) 30 hours group lessons and homestay (half board)
1 week 470 642
2 weeks 922 1264
3 weeks 1354 1853
4 weeks 1786 2432
Additional week 442 603


Duration 20 hours private lessons and homestay (half board) Surf and Spanish Package (20 hours group lessons+surf lessons+homestay)
1 week 689 613
2 weeks 1359 1169
3 weeks 2010 1810
4 weeks 2641 2423
Additional week 651 585



-No separate registration fee

-All the teaching is carried out in Spanish. This enables the students to be totally immersed in the language while they are studying

-Course price includes course material, placement test and course certificate

-Minimum stay of one week

-Courses begin every Monday

-The first day of class, all new students must arrive at the school by 7:15am to be evaluated and placed in their appropriate level and to complete any necessary paperwork

-Private classes can be arranged individually

-According to their progress, students may be moved to different groups, during the program, to maximize their learning


Additional services:


-Extra days accommodation with Host Family: USD 29 (with 2 meals per day, private room, laundry once a week)


Booking a Spanish course is very easy and will not take you long to complete.  Please complete our application form and let us know what kind of course do you want to book. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.  We will be pleased to assist you. Contact us at:  or call us at:


ARG : +54 11 5199 5458

UK : +44 020 3290 6238

USA : +1 917 267 8828