Located on the central west coast of the Nicoya Peninsula on the Northern Pacific, Tamarindo used to be a fishermen’s village, but is nowadays one of the most developed touristic towns in Costa Rica. A laidback lifestyle, beautiful beaches and perfect waves make this place the best scenery for surfing and other water sports. In this coastal village, Las Baulas National Park is one of the main attractions with the largest nesting colony of leatherback sea turtles. Tamarindo is perfect for those who want to spend peaceful days at the beach and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere at night.  Tamarindo’s development has imbued elements of foreign culture and that is why some visitors (particularly the Europeans) will find elements of their culture mixed with the local culture.


The best of the city


Beaches: They are very clean and perfect for surfing and water sports. The biggest waves can get up to 12 feet (although only during November and December). Tamarindo is now the most accessible town for visitors in Costa Rica and the host for an International Surf Competition. 

Sports: Although surfing is the main activity in Tamarindo, there are many other water sports you can practice: snorkel, water ski, Jet Ski, kayaking, wind surfing are some of them. Visitors can also rent bikes or motorcycles and go exploring the city.


Eco-Friendly activities: In the National Parks you can take guided tours to discover the local wildlife and explore secret trails. Las Baulas  National Park is one of the few places in the world where the leatherback sea turtle) comes to lay their eggs, if you have the chance –and are lucky enough to be there at that time- this is definitely a MUST-DO. The Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge is a protected forest with many mangroves and estuaries.


Nightlife: It varies from small and intimate clubs to massive (some open-air) discos, nightclubs and electronic beach parties. Although most restaurants are not cheap according to Central American standards, there are a lot of options of International and typical Costa Rican places to choose. Tropical drinks are highly recommended, especially in bars at the beach where you can also try your steps at salsa dance. 



Tamarindo has a tropical climate. The temperature here averages 26.5 degrees Celsius. Perfect weather conditions to enjoy Tamarindo’s beach with rain falling mostly in winter (Jun to Ago).


How to get to Tamarindo


Tamarindo airport is temporarily closed but it is expected to be re-opened soon. The international airport in San Jose is the nearest one and the trip from San Jose takes about 45 minutes. From the airport you can take a taxi or rent a car (rental companies have a wide range of prices). There are several private buses you can take from the airport or from other cities in the country. Once you are in Tamarindo, you can easily get around on foot. 

Reasons to visit Tamarindo:


-Nature &Spots:The beaches and the National Parks in Tamarindo are unique places in the world. Peace, adventure and fun are assured.


-Nightlife: After a day of relax with family or friends, enjoy amazing food, drinks and good music near or even on the beach.


-Several lodging options: Hostels, apartments and different categories of hotels offers you a wide range of prices and services. From backpackers to five-star travelers this village welcomes anyone looking for some fun. 


'The three weeks I spent at the Turtle project was an incredible experience. I highly recommend the Sea Turtle program to anyone interested in biology, or just the beach!'' Volunteer program. Mike Leahy


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''I am grateful for the personal attention I received at my language school. Unlike owners at other schools in Costa Rica (I went to two others), you made yourself known on a personal level to your students. Whether talking with us at break, arranging outtings etc., you ALWAYS had time for each of us. I will never forget your kindness and have a lot of respect for you and to your dedication to helping your students have the best possible experience available. The student housing is outrageous...clean, attractively decorated, and spacious. I truly enjoyed learning Spanish here and plan on returning someday soon.Your school scores the highest at the affective level! Spanish course. Christine Hendrix, USA


''My experiences while studying Spanish here were most beneficial for me as they were for all the other students I met during my stay in Tamarindo. This is why I can honestly state that all the teachers at the school have a thorough understanding of the Spanish language, and an incredible ability to share that with their students. I went there not knowing a single word of Spanish. After a few weeks of in-class studying as well as applying my skills with locals and practicing in the student house I left Costa Rica with a more than adequate ability to effectively communicate in the Spanish language. There were many other conveniences such as Internet access, and numerous weekend excursions to other parts of Costa Rica. These excursions enriched my understanding of the Costa Rican culture as well as enabling me to practice more of my language skills.'' Spanish course. Jeremy Shane, Canada