Teaching English in Colombia-Paid Internship

  • Teaching English in Colombia is a FREE program!
  • Discover an amazing culture in Colombia
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  • Teach English in Colombia
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  • Teach English and discover Colombia
  • Teach English and discover this amazing culture
  • Teach English in Colombia
  • Teach English in Colombia with this FREE program

Teaching English in Colombia is a FREE program designed to broaden every teacher professional life while enriching their personal one. The program is designed as a truly culture exchange program in which teachers can first-hand experience one of Latin America’s most fascinating and colorful cultures and  on top of that learn or master their Spanish skills in the most natural environment.


As the Colombian government is aware of the importance to integrate English education as a way to succeed in our globalized society, it has developed this unique opportunity for English teachers. With a fully bilingual initiative, you will work in public institutions, especially with students in disadvantaged economic positions. By learning English they will have an opportunity to change a bleak future ahead them and you will have the opportunity to be part of a change into this community and also to get to change every student’s life!




This program is free. There will be a  USD 400 (american dollars) deposit upon acceptance to the program, but this will only be required after both interview rounds.

The deposit will be returned to you only when you complete your full program and contract term. This deposit is your official commitment to participating in the program and is non refundable if you cancel or withdraw from the program at any time, for any reason. This deposit will be refunded in Colombian pesos, at a fixed exchange rate outlined in the Participant Agreement each teacher will sign after acceptance.


We offer you:


  • Full time volunteer teaching placement in Colombia
  • NO COST to apply! Absolutely FREE for teachers!
  • Choose from a 6 or 11 month placement
  • 1,500,000 Colombian Pesos as a monthly stipend* to cover living expenses
  • Placements offered in over 19 regions around Colombia
  • Airport pick-up and 2-week orientation upon arrival, in Bogotá
  • Support and guidance from your Connecting Worlds program manager
  • Domestic flight from Bogota to your placement city (baggage fees are not covered)
  • Accommodation during orientation in shared rooms. Housing is not provided after orientation.
  • Assistance finding housing from program local coordinators
  • Colombian national health insurance
  • Customs and Cultural E-guide


*Please, bear in mind that this is a volunteer position with an stipend aimed at covering basic living costs: rent, commuting and food.  Any extra activity (traveling, socializing, going out) you will surely need some extra cash..


Not included:


  • Flights to/from Colombia
  • Additional International Medical and Accident Insurance
  • Meals after orientation
  • Accommodation after orientation


Once you are accepted, your spot on the program will not be confirmed until we have received your USD 400 deposit and proof of both your flight to Bogota and International Medical and Accident Insurance coverage.


The program has two start dates per year, in January/February and June/July at the beginning of each semester. Since there are LIMITED PLACES we recommend you to BOOK EARLY! 


The Upcoming Program Dates are:


-January/February 2018 –June 2018 — choice between 1 or 2 semesters-exact dates TBD


-June/July 2018-1 semester contracts only-exact dates TBD


Please note: positions are limited, and could fill before the listed deadlines.




  • Teach and/or co-teach with a local Colombia English instructor 25 hours per week of English instruction, including teaching, co-teaching, and conversation clubs
  • Develop reports and follow up processes, as the supervisor requires. 
  • Participate in a two-way learning process in about 15 hours per week to improve English proficiency, which may include administrative-related activities, such as lesson planning, meetings with fellow teachers, paperwork, etc. 
  • Attend local parners training days, schedule will coordinate with placement site. 
  • Before arrival the applicant must pay a USD 400 deposit, which they will receive back upon successful completion of their contract in December.
  • Applicants must pay for their own travel to and from Colombia. 


 How long does the program last?


Depending on your time availability and what course you choose, the program can lasts between 6 and 10 months at maximum. Places are limited… What are you waiting for? Be part of the change helping Colombian development! 




After the orientation, in which teachers usually live in a hostel to get used to their life in their new home away from home, teachers can find their own accommodation and decide whether to live by themselves or share a house/flat with other teachers or locals. Of course, we will provide assistance as part of our 24/7 support in finding the right place to live and to help in any possible way 


There are two semester in the academic year and, therefore, we have 2 “high season” application periods: January/February and June/July. You can choose from a 6, 8 or 11 month placement.


Next Program Start Dates: 


January/February 2018-choice between 1 or 2 semesters-exact dates TBD

June/July 2018-1 semester contracts only-exact dates TBD


Please note: positions are limited, and could fill before the listed deadlines. Apply early!

*We do not know the exact arrival dates until around 2 months before the program begins.

Upon approval of placement, successful candidates are required to pay a deposit of $400. Your program deposit payment demonstrates your commitment to the ETF Program, Colombia. This commitment helps the local support staff to plan their resources and ensure you have the best possible experience when you arrive in Colombia.

The deposit is fully refundable upon completion of contract.

The deposit is non-refundable if the teacher decides to cancel or withdraw from the program at any time and for any reason.


Why are some programs shorter than others (5/6 or 10 months)?

Because, being a government-funded program, with a budget annually renewed at the end of the academic year (November-December) , the Colombian government can only guarantee a 10-month budget at the beginning of the academic year (January), but can only guarantee a 6-month period for the second part of the year (June onward). Therefore, there are 10 month programs starting in January and 6 month programs starting in June.


We have positions all throughout Colombia, both in large cities and in smaller, rural areas.  We work with elementary, high schools and also private institutions.

Join this program to teach in public educational institutions all over the country. Placements can be at the SENA Centers (National Learning Service Centers); the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism; the National Ministry of Education; the Secretariat of Education; and other educational offices. You will have the opportunity to work with students of all levels, from children to young adults. Your placement will be chosen based on your qualifications and skills, but also on the needs of the institution.

Placement in any of the >50 possible locations depends on your background and experience. Specific placement preferences will not be considered for this program, nor can they be guaranteed; therefore, you should be prepared to work with groups of any age level in any school or government institution. There will be at least two fellow teachers in each placement, but there can be up to fifty or even more. We are doing our best to offer more placement opportunities every call!

After they arrive, teachers will be invited to attend a general Orientation meeting in Bogota, and then they will have another orientation at their specific placement sites. Lodging and meals will be covered throughout the orientation period.

will have the opportunity to work with students of all levels, from children to young adults. Your placement will be chosen based on your qualifications and skills, but also on the needs of the institution.


Placement in any of the >50 possible locations depends on your background and experience. Specific placement preferences will not be considered for this program, nor can they be guaranteed; therefore, you should be prepared to work with groups of any age level in any school or government institution. There will be at least two fellow teachers in each placement, but there can be up to fifty or even more. We are doing our best to offer more placement opportunities every call!



Click on the map of Colombia to see where our CW teachers are placed currently!


Is it possible to go with my boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes, we offer couples or even small groups the opportunity to work in the same city for them to live together.

Is there any ex or current participant I can reach out to?

Of course! We have our Facebook community where you can find participants who have been or are in Colombia and ask them anything you may be curious about.

What visa do I need to apply for?

All participants need to for a TP-1 Visa in their home country, which can be done online with the necessary document we provide. Once in Colombia, you will be granted a new official Visa at the local immigration office.  The program cover the visa costs and it will be valid for the entire duration of the program.

How much money do I need to count on till I get paid?

First things first, participants need to cover their flight to Colombia and travel insurance. After that, you don´t need to worry about anything until you arrive at your placement destination. How much money you need will entirely depend on you. The money you need will be for meals, recreation activities and weekend activities. But, as a suggestion, we usually recommend $1500 as “pocket” money to be covered for the first month since you will be paid after a month of work.

Can I live on the salary I will be paid?

Please, bear in mind that this is a volunteer position with an stipend aimed at covering basic living costs: rent, commuting and food.  Any extra activity (traveling, socializing, going out) you will surely need some extra cash..

How much will I spend on rent depending on the city where I am placed?

Living in large cities (Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, and Barranquilla) are notably much more expensive than rural areas or smaller cities. Therefore, rent depends on the city and can range from 350.000 Colombian pesos to 650.000.

 Is Colombia dangerous?

Colombia has been working hard to become safer and although there is still agitation with guerillas in remote jungle regions, the country is pretty safe. In fact, for our own participants’ safety, we have carefully chosen Colombia’s safest cities as placement. 

Do they have high-speed internet in all areas?

Yes, there is high speed internet access in all major cities, but please bear in mind that the speed and reliability might not be the same as, say the USA.

Can I take my son/daughter or my pet to Colombia?

Sorry, children and pets are not allowed.

Do I need to buy my own insurance?

Yes. Although the Colombian national health insurance will cover you during the program, participants need to buy their own insurance just in case of a severe emergency. 

Do I need to be certified as TEFL/TESOL teacher?

Although a TEFL certificate is not a requirement, we do encourage participants to take it since it is an internationally recognized certification that looks good on your CV.

Will there be other foreign teachers where I will live/work?

Yes. There will surely be at least 2 and might there even be up to 30 in large cities. Teachers can travel in groups and be placed together, or in some smaller schools, they may only need 1 teacher, but we have many schools all around the Country, so we make sure there are a few teachers per city. However, we would like to emphasize the cultural exchange nature of the program, giving teachers the unique opportunity to experience the wonders of Colombia and its charming people.

What are the application dates?

We usually accept applications year-round, but 6 months before each academic year is the peak of application season. We suggest that the sooner the better to secure a placement in the place of your choice.


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Because it is the way we have to make sure participants will actually commit to the program. As the program is FREE, there is no other way for us to secure the participant’s real intention to be placed. But, as soon as you finish your work contract, the entire deposit will be reimbursed.

Can I extend my stay?

Yes. This depends on both the school and the teacher, but our programs do have the option to extend after the contract is successfully finished.

Do I need to get any special vaccine to travel to Colombia?

No, there are no sanitary requirements to travel to Colombia. However, if you are planning further traveling in South America, be aware that some countries may require yellow fever vaccination.

Do I need to book an airport pick-up service?

No. We will pick you up at the airport upon arrival (yes, with a sign with your name at no extra cost!)

Are plane tickets included?

No. Each teacher has to cover their flights to Bogotá. We do provide the transportation to your placement city from Bogotá

Will I receive any orientation/training upon arrival?

Definitely. We offer an orientation week upon arrival. 

Do I have to do all the planning for my lessons?

No. You will need to follow a course book and curriculum designed by the school, but some creativity on your side is always welcome!

What level of English do students have?

English is not widely spoken outside school in Colombia, therefore, do not expect a very high level from the students. However, there will be different levels, from total beginners to advanced students.

Do I have to comply with any dress code when working?

Not necessarily, casual dressing is ok for teaching, but it is always good to try to look as good as you can! It shows a lot of respect for the school and your students as well. At SENA centers, however, teachers are required to wear a white coat that will be provided by the center.

Are meals included?

No. Each teacher pays for his/her meals, which are usually around 10,000 Colombian pesos. Some schools do offer free lunch, though.

Will I have a local phone number?

Yes and we can help you with that. During the first, welcome week, we help teachers with those daily life issues.

My level of Spanish is NON-EXISTENT. Can I still apply?

Of course! You do not need to speak Spanish for the program because most schools prefer teachers to only use English to create a real, natural environment for the students to learn. However, as your Spanish starts getting better, you will find your everyday life a lot easier!

Will I have holidays?

Yes. One week of holidays in Easter (Semana Santa) during the spring semester and if you stay for a full year, you will have a two-week paid holiday by the end of June. Of course, local national holidays will be off, too.

Should I take my credit card to Colombia?

Why not? Just in case, it is always good to have some back up money. All major credit cards are accepted in Colombia, but bear in mind that Colombians still prefer cash for most of their transactions.



Teachers will receive an orientation in Bogotá before they continue with a one-week orientation in their placement location. Al the meals for the two week orientation period will be covered.

During the two week orientation period, you will:

  • Get to know more about your new home (Colombia) as well as necessary safety tips and destination information.
  • Receive TEFL basic training.
  • Get to see Bogotá with our local partners
  • Attend talks and classes from guest speakers
  • Obtain a 40 hours of TEFL training and certification with Unica  (available only for Ministry of Education high school teachers)

As we have a limited number of positions available, we do encourage teachers to submit their application as soon as they have decided to embark on this amazing experience.


What documents do I need to apply?


  • Complete online application form
  • Scanned copy of Passport
  • Non-Criminal Record Certificate
  • Scanned copy of your University Degree and/or Transcript
  • Updated CV with a current photo
  • A Recommendation Letter either from a former employer or university professor/staff 


How to complete the online application form?


We strongly suggest applicants to complete the online application form that we will send you via email in one sitting to make sure it is complete and saved. As we have limited positions, we process applications on first come, first served basis. Please bear in mind that completing the application is just the first step of the process since after you complete it, we process it, arrange an interview and let you know about the position. It takes a few weeks all in all, so if you are ready to live a life-changing experience, you can start filing the application as soon as possible!



To start the process, what you need to do is to:


1) Click on APPLY ONLINE 

2) After receiving  the filled application, it is time to arrange a Skype interview with Connecting Worlds. If you don’t have Skype, you can download it for free here

3) Submit online your placement preferences 

4) Skype interview with our representative in Colombia

5) Once you have passed the interview with a representative in Colombia, you will receive the official acceptance to the program by email and the destination where you will be based.

6) When you have your official acceptance and a confirmed placement location, you will need to pay the USD 400 deposit


Application Processing Time


It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to go over the whole process from filling in the online application to being confirmed the position and placement location. The application process can only be completed if all the required documents are sent on time. We will keep track of the process the whole time via email.

However, do bear in mind that it is our partner in Colombia who will make the final decision acceptance decision will come from our partner, and we will notify you as soon as we have news about your acceptance. Once the acceptance is confirmed, a $400 deposit (which is non-refundable ONLY if you cancel your application for any reason, at any given time) is required together with your booked ticket to Bogotá and the receipt of the insurance policy.


Program Mission

The English Teaching Fellowship (ETF) is a program sponsored by the Government of Colombia, which has the objective of achieving a bilingual country. That is, to attain the mastery of both Spanish and English all over Colombia. This is possible thanks to plenty of international fellows who travel to the country to commit to improve the level of English of Colombian learners and local teachers.

As a participant in this program, you are expected to be mature, dedicated, and adaptable to new cultures and environments. It is worth mentioning that you will have the great chance to travel and enjoy everything that Colombia has to offer; however, the stipend given for this job is not meant to finance touristic activities. Instead, it is a reward for helping Colombia’s children and youths.


Teaching Fellows are cultural ambassadors who will represent not only their home country’s culture and language, but also the program itself and its educational purpose. This program is being funded by the Colombian people themselves, as it is financed by the Colombian government. For that reason, it is crucial to show respect and appreciation to the country and remember that your actions affect the program and how people’s taxes are being invested.

The mission of the program is not to fund fellow teachers’ travels, but to help and improve the lives of students, children to young adults.


During orientation, the program includes accommodation at a hotel in Bogotá, Colombia. In summer 2017, teachers stayed at Hotel Estalar Fontana, in Bogotá, but this hotel is likely to change. More details may be added as soon as we receive updates about next season’s program.

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