Teaching English in Ecuador-Paid Internship

**We are no longer accepting applications for any 2018 start dates. Please check back for future updates!**


Ecuador is a small country in South America, popular for its diverse wildlife and nature. You can experience some Andean mountain sights, visit tropical jungles or sunbathe on Pacific beaches. Its population is about 14 million people, and a large portion of it belongs to different ethnic groups: some of them speak Quichua, a language of Inca origin.


Many volunteers are needed in Ecuador to assist in hospitals and childcare centers, to teach English, to help children with disabilities, or to be part of projects to protect the welfare and environment in the Amazon and Galapagos islands.


Previous volunteers have shared with us that they could clearly see how much of a difference their help made and how thankful the locals were. Ecuador is a very welcoming country, where volunteers and interns will establish some great friendships.


Being part of one of these projects makes volunteers be resourceful and use their sense of humor. Many participants feel that they have become a better person after living with these Ecuadorian communities and volunteering for them.


Teach in Ecuador-Public School Program


Teaching English in Ecuador is a FREE program designed to broaden every teacher professional life while enriching their personal one.

Come and be part of the experience of improving English learning in Ecuador by being a volunteer teacher in public elementary and high schools; and take the opportunity to explore a country with one of the greatest biodiversity in the world and a great cultural heritage

This program is developed by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador in cooperation with non-profit organizations. We invite you to enjoy this wonderful once in a lifetime experience while teaching English to children and adolescents from vulnerable sectors of Ecuador.

You will teach English to students from public schools throughout Ecuador’s beautiful Coast region.


Main Responsabilities: 


-40 hours per week work schedule (Monday to Friday): 30 academic hours, plus 10 hours of lesson planning and additional activities at the school.

-The Volunteer Teacher mush comply with the schedule assigned to them by the school (Volunteers can have the morning shift or the afternoon shift).

-The volunteer teacher must prepare the corresponding activities for all the students, as many as 40 students per class (5 – 18 years old).

-Attend events and trainings related to the program.


Benefits-Long time position


-Prepaid round-trip air-ticket to Ecuador

-USD 366 monthly stipend (minus 8% tax deduction)

-Accommodation with host family

-2 meals daily provided by host family (breakfast and dinner)

-Full orientation and training on arrival

-Prepaid medical insurance

-Visa sponsorship

-Diploma on program completion in recognition of your contribution

-Lonely Planet E Guide to Ecuador

Benefits-Short time position


-Same as above but one-way air-ticket from Ecuador to corresponding country provided on contract completion. The flight to Ecuador will be covered by the volunteer.


Long term position (10 months) – July 2017 through late February 2018

Accepting applications: February 2017 through late June 2017.


Short term position (5 months)- October 2017 through late February 2018

Accepting applications: February 2017 through early August 2017.


Future in-takes will be announced shortly.


Note - in order to make the most valuable impact on local communities, it is strongly preferred that applicants commit to the 10 month program




Upon approval of placement, successful candidates are required to pay a deposit of USD 500. Your program deposit payment demonstrates your commitment to the Teach in Ecuador program.  This commitment helps the local support staff to plan their resources and ensure you have the best possible experience when you arrive in Ecuador.


The deposit is fully refundable upon completion of contract.


The deposit is non-refundable if the teacher decides to cancel or withdraw from the program at any time and for any reason.

-Fluent English speakers (at least C1 level)

-Bachelor's​ degree in any discipline

-TEFL/TESOL certification preferred

-Cultural sensitivity

-Be of no criminal record

-Holding a passport with at least 1 year validity

Throughout the Coast region of Ecuador.


Basic facts

• Children are only required, by law, to remain in education until the age of nine.
• Approximately, 16,013,143 people live in Ecuador.
• It has a population density of 54,49 inhabitants per kilometer squared.
• The national language of Ecuador is Spanish.
• Strangely enough, Ecuador’s currency happens to be the United States dollar.
• Quechua and Shuar are two of Ecuador’s indigenous languages, officially spoken by people living in its many small villages.


Reasons to visit Ecuador


• Biodiversity — Ecuador is a natural wonder, home to no less than 46 different ecosystems. It’s one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet, with 4,500 varieties of butterflies, 3,000 varieties of orchids and 25,000 species of plants being nothing more than the very tip of the iceberg.






• Cultural Diversity — 65% of the population in Ecuador is a mix of Indian and Spanish descen. 25% of the population is indigenous. The final 10% are made up of other ethnic groups, including those with African roots. This makes Ecuador an incredibly rich place to be in terms of cultural diversity and customs.

• Geographic Diversity — Ecuador can be split simply into four separate geographical regions: The Galápagos, coastal regions, The Andes and the Amazonas. Each region has its own climate and, therefore, offers activities for visitors to match.

• It’s small size — Owing to the fact that Ecuador is roughly the same size as the UK and Belgium put together, it’s fairly easy to get around within one long trip. It’s a lot easier to see in one journey than most other countries in Latin America, which is what makes it that much more tempting to visit.

As we have a limited number of positions available, we do encourage teachers to submit their application as soon as they have decided to embark on this amazing experience.


What documents do I need to apply?


-Complete online application form

-Scanned copy of Passport

-Non-Criminal Record Certificate

-Scanned copy of your University Degree and/or Transcript Updated CV with a current photo

-A Recommendation Letter either from a former employer or university professor/staff 


As we have limited positions, we process applications on first come, first served basis. Please bear in mind that completing the application is just the first step of the process since after you complete it, we process it, arrange an interview and let you know about the position. It takes a few weeks all in all, so if you are ready to live a life-changing experience, you can start filing the application as soon as possible!