Volunteer Fundraising Tips

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You might be really interested in committing to one of our international exchange programs, but the cost of such a venture could also be the only thing holding you back. At Connecting Worlds, we have to include costs to sign up to our programs in order to offer a high quality service to our participants and tend to the needs of the local communities who agree to receive our foreign guests, namely… you.

But there are ways around the cost issue. One idea is to implement a few fundraising ideas back home in order to fund your project. The question is how to do. Here are a few tips:


1. Who should you ask?


Friends and family, local organisations based in your community, your college or university, or businesses who might be interested in investing.


2. How should you ask them?

You need to think about what could possibly interest the different various groups above about the project you’re hoping to fund. For example, friends and family might help sponsor you because they love and care for you and know how much the experience would be to you, but that’s not going to work with everyone.

When approaching organisations in your local community, it’s probably a good idea to talk with those who already support projects of a similar nature. If you intend to visit Brazil in order to work with homeless children, try getting in touch with organisations that work with homeless people in your community. They might not be able to fund you directly, but they might have contacts for sponsors who help them with their projects, for example.

When asking for financially support from your university or college, you should approach the subject from an educational point of view. You need to show how this experience will enrich your study experience. You could also draw up a plan of how you could help to spread the word about the financial support your educational institution offers you, should they choose to show their support. 

Businesses will really respond to proposals which help them to project themselves in a positive light via the press and/or social media. You could draw up a contract which would include a variety of promises to that business in terms of marketing and publicity - for example, posting regularly via social media information about your experience with the business’ logo on all photos as an official sponsor.


3. Try an online donation campaign


There are lots of crowdfunding websites out there that help people raise funds for all kinds of projects. You could try signing up to one of those sites in order to help fund your place on one of our programs. These sites normally require a short video and a series of different prizes you can offer to people who sponsor you.

These prizes don’t have to cost you anything either. They could be special mentions via social media sites for people who sponsor you, a selection of photos in an online album for donors upon your return, perhaps even a mention about the sponsorship on a blog that you could create to document your experience. Be creative and see what kind of response you get!

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but there are many ways to raise the funds for all kinds of programs on offer. If anyone has ideas fundraising ideas they want to share with us on this page, don’t hesitate in getting in touch.