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Working holidays are great gap year experiences, but they’re also perfect for anyone looking to take a work sabbatical, or connect with the local community in a deeper way than for which traditional travel allows. The main objective of the working holiday is cultural exchange. Participants get the chance to stay with local people and gain practical experience during their travels across Chile.


What and where?


Most opportunities are tourist-related working placements (in hostels, hotels, ranchs and small plots of land) and almost always include free accommodation and board. In some cases you even receive a small allowance or you have the possibility to earn tips. 

Currently we offer Working Holiday programs in Punta Arenas,Coquimbo, Puerto Montt, San Clemente, Valparaíso, La Serena, Puerto Varas, Pucón, Chaitén, Rancagua, Talca, Santiago, San Felipe, Iquique, Providencia, Putre, Chillán, San Pedro de Atacama and Calera de Tango.


Do I get paid when I sign up to one of your “Working Holiday” programs?


Unfortunately, we have to abide by strict regulations set up by the various Latin American governments which apply to foreigners working in local companies. For this reason, all the Working Holiday programs that we offer are unpaid. What’s more, the main objective of the working holiday is not to earn a salary, but instead to learn about local customs and traditions. It’s a chance for you to immerse yourself in daily local life. There are many things you will gain from these programs that money cannot buy, including international experience for you CV, improved foreign language skills, a profound understanding of a foreign culture, and a sense of accomplishment having lived through a tough and challenging experience.


What is the difference between an internship and a Working Holiday program?


A professional internship is focused on the practical application of theoretical knowledge. It’s a chance to gain international work experience in a particular line of work. Many universities require that their students complete internships abroad in order to graduate.

Working Holiday programs, on the contrary, are not solely focused on professional development. They provide you with the chance to immerse yourself in local foreign cultures and to take a break from your career in order to try something new.


What can I expect?


Through your Working Holiday job you very often will get to know the most famous and amazing sights of Chile's impressing and ever-evolving scenery. 

However, you should be aware that especially during high season your help is desperately needed and that it can sometimes become very stressful. That's why your working holiday employer really counts on your help after your confirmation. Some positions give you the possibility to bring along your friend, as they need more than one person to help out. 


What about the working hours? 


Usually, our programs are full-time positions. The project site where you will be working defines the working hours according to work load and your capabilities. On-site you will be provided with the exact information about the work schedule and days off. Please be fair and keep in mind that you will be responsible for the tasks that you are assigned to. But not all is about work! The locations are truly nice places with amazing landscapes, beautiful natural scenery and a relaxing environment. There will be plenty of time for you to get to know the surroundings, meet up with other people having fun and just enjoying your stay in Chile.

  • You must be able to speak intermediate to advanced Spanish. A curriculum vitae and a cover letter of introduction.


  • International insurance valid in Chile against sickness, accident and 3rd party liability.In addition to providing health insurance, the plan must cover medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Valid passport and meeting the necessary immigration requirements before applying to the program.


  • You must hold a Certificate of Good conduct or Police Record clearance.

Placement Fee Working Holidays:  USD 470*


Program duration: Between 8 and 24 weeks.


Locations: Punta Arenas,Coquimbo, Puerto Montt, San Clemente, Valparaíso, La Serena, Puerto Varas, Pucón, Chaitén, Rancagua, Talca, Santiago, San Felipe, Iquique, Providencia, Putre, Chillán, San Pedro de Atacama and Calera de Tango.


*Please note: All programs attract a refundable*Registration Fee of USD 249 on top of the program Fee. You can calculate the value of your currency in US dollar using this currency convertor.


*Please read our refund policy.

What do my fees pay for?


Registration Fee:  Support and guidance from CW staff, program marketing costs, staff salary, pre-departure assistance, CW Solidarity Fund, administration costs, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with participants.


Program Fee: Accommodation and almost always 2 meals a day or a monthly stipend to buy food, orientation, program supervision, in-country 24/7 participant support and in-country administration costs.


What’s no included: Air tickets,Vaccinations, Airport Pick-up, Spanish lessons (optional),Certificate of Good conduct, Visa, Local travels, Personal expenses, and International Insurance against sickness, accident and 3er party liability. In addition to providing health insurance, the plan must cover medical evacuation and repatriation. Our participants in Chile generally find USD 60 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses.

Basic Facts


• La Roja - is the national football team
• Chile is internationally renowned for owning one of Latin America’s most stable economies
• Spanish is the country’s national language
• Mapuche is the only indigenous language and community still alive in Chile today — the Mapuche community is sadly incredibly ostracised and represents only 4 percent of the population
• The national currency is the Chilean peso
• The capital city is Santiago

• Religion — Roman Catholic 70%, Evangelical 15.1%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1.1%, other Christian 1%, other 4.6%, none 8.3%

• Approximately 16,634,603 people live in Chile
• It spans across a total of 756,950 square kilometers — making it the 38th largest country in the world.


Reasons to visit Chile


• It’s one of the best countries in Latin America if to go skiing

• Its independent, organic wine industry is growing by the day

• It serves up some of the best seafood snacks on the planet.


For more information about Chile please visit this LINK