6 things you should know before traveling to Nepal

6 things you should know before traveling to Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country in Asia, which neighbors China and India. The highest mountains on the planet are found in this country, so its beautiful landscapes are breathtaking. Its capital, Kathmandu, is famous for its Buddhist and Hindu temples. That’s why it’s called the “City of Temples”. If you’d like to travel to do an internship or volunteer program in Nepal, here we share some tips with you! 

Don’t go trekking on your own

Trekking is a very popular activity among travelers in Nepal. However, it is also a risky activity. As we said before, the mountains in Nepal are very high (Mount Everest is among them!), so going trekking alone can be risky. Make sure to go in groups, and always communicate where you are going. Cases, where solo trekkers had disappeared and haven’t been found, are not few.

Be careful when cycling or walking on the road

Traffic in Nepal is heavy in most Nepalese highways, and most drivers are not very careful. As a result, riding your bike or walking on the road is not advisable. There are however some streets and bike trails that are fine for you to cycle on.