CW Destinations- Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World

CW Destinations- Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World

Since we are settled in more than 20 cities across Latin America, it is essential for you to have precise information about each destination. Sometimes the best decisions are not the easiest ones… But do not worry; we are going to help you!

Exotic and diverse: a unique biodiversity present in every corner let you to feel in touch with nature at every moment. The legacy of the Mayan civilization still remains in the people; Guatemala is a mixture of modern and traditional culture. Due to the vast multiplicity of options that fulfills all kinds of expectations, Antigua is the city we choose to develop our programs. Close to Guatemala City, Antigua is much calmer and safer and with more tourist-oriented activities. Local people are extremely conscious to preserve natural and cultural heritage and they induce visitors to acquire sustainable habits.

Gap Year: If you’ve decided to take a year between your studies, we can design a program suitable to your needs, interests and budget. Plenty of activities mixing relax, Spanish lessons and work with local people you will want to return year after year!

Spanish Courses: Since its foundation in 2002, our Spanish School is notably growing in number becoming one of the most renowned in Antigua. The language institute offers individual and group courses on a high academic standard for all levels – from beginner to advanced levels. Furthermore the school provides specialized courses for College students in distinct fields of interest.

Volunteering: The program can last between one and 24 weeks, depending on your interests. We offer a wide range of opportunities that can be molded to each volunteer. By working in partnership with local organizations, we keep the costs low but without reducing our excellence level. Our aim is to get you closer to other reality through knowledge and cultural experiences!

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