Join our online internships in the field of Women’s rights and Gender equality

Join our online internships in the field of Women’s rights and Gender equality

At CW Abroad, we envision a world that values and respects women. That is why we support and collaborate with countless organizations from different Latin American and Asian countries that work hard towards achieving equality. Join us in an online internship in women’s rights and help those who need your support!

What’s the goal of our programs?

The idea behind our online internships in women’s rights is to give students the chance of working in a multicultural & international environment, supporting women from different parts of the world. On top of this, the program will give you the chance of understanding the challenges these organizations go through. And don’t worry if you are unable to help in person: our virtual internship will help you support them as if you were physically present! 

What will you be doing?

There’s a wide variety of tasks with which you can collaborate, namely: 

  • You’ll be helping with digital campaigns and fundraising projects.
  • You may be assigned simple design tasks (unless you have a background in the field and would like to take up more!).
  • Carry out research projects and evaluate results.
  • Contact influencers or help with social media reach.
  • Other tasks and activities that suit the needs of the organization. 

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Who should apply? 

Anyone can apply, but our program will be particularly useful for those who: 

  • Want to get some professional experience in institutions dedicated to achieving gender equality. 
  • Achieve cultural exchange and learn from more experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and nationalities. 
  • Are passionate when it comes to women empowerment and ending violence towards them.
  • Are interested in contributing to peace and security and taking humanitarian action in a country different from theirs’.
  • Are graduates in Gender studies or those who are interested in cooperating with other women in the fields of international relations or communications. 

Our virtual internships in the field of women’s rights and gender equality are limited and can only be joined by a small group of individuals throughout the year. Contact us today and we will give you all the information you need to get started from wherever you are. 

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