Palermo…the Sex & the City of Buenos Aires

Palermo…the Sex & the City of Buenos Aires

Follow some of our tips for the best bars, galleries and clothes stores in Palermo, but also take the time to find out how the Palermo neighborhood is subdivided into various different areas so that you can learn how to move around quicker and more effectively..In general, there are three reasons to go to New York… culture, shopping and nightlife… and there are three reasons to go to Palermo in Buenos Aires…yes, you’ve guessed it… culture, shopping and nightlife.

Palermo is Buenos Aires’ answer to New York and Sex and the City. Anyone looking to find cultural centers and galleries, whilst hitting the credit card on clothes by day and cocktails by night, must visit the different areas of the Palermo neighborhood without question when visiting Buenos Aires. 

Follow some of our tips below for the best bars, galleries and clothes stores in Palermo, but also take the time to find out how the Palermo neighborhood is subdivided into various different areas so that you can learn how to move around quicker and more effectively. 


Palermo is the largest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and has naturally developed over time into two distinct zones: the trendy zone known as Palermo Viejo (which literally means Old Palermo and includes Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho) and Palermo Chico, which is far more traditional-looking in terms of architecture and is a lot quieter at night. 

Once a working class area of Buenos Aires, Palermo Viejo is now the height of modern, wealthy living. Now it’s easy to find expats populating the area and many young entrepreneurs living out the Manhattan-dream lifestyle in Argentina. Palermo Chico, for its architecture, green space and family-focused households, retains the grandeur of the past and provides solace from the nearby busy street of Avenida General Las Heras and Avenida Libertador. 

However, the sub-divisions of Palermo don’t stop here. Even though the official guide books might tell you otherwise, if you have spent any great time in Buenos Aires, you will be well aware of the fact that certain zones that fall within the official boundaries of Palermo Chico, Viejo, Soho or Hollywood, have their own specific names to help distinguish them from the rest of the area too. 

For example, there is the area that many people refer to as Palermo Botanical (which doesn’t take a genius to work out focuses on the area that encompasses the Botanical Gardens and Plaza Italia). Palermo Bosques (literally, Palermo Forests) is an area to the west and north of Palermo Chico covered by huge parks that are populated by sunbathers, families and fitness junkies alike all year round. 

Indeed, with its many divisions, sub-divisions and sub-sub-divisions, Palermo manages to turn Buenos Aires into a miniature New York City full of hundreds of sexy, single, successful women, enjoying the cocktail menus and penthouse lifestyle of Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood at night and the well-earned elegance and tranquility of Palermo Chico and the parks by day. 

“SEX & THE CITY 3: THE BUENOS AIRES VACATION,” with Carrie Bradshaw and the gang, would be an instant Hollywood hit… hint, hint film producers! 

PALERMO BARS AND NIGHTLIFE :As indicated above, Palermo nightlife is best in Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. Head down to Fitzroy and Honduras and begin to take your pick of some of the best and most modern bars, clubs and restaurants that Buenos Aires has to offer. 

You really can’t go wrong with the nightlife here in the subdivisions of Palermo Viejo. It’s fun to just head out into the night and try everything on for size, but a few places that you might want to put at the top of the list are as follows: 

MAKENA, Fitzroy 1550, has live music from awesome bands and singers every Tuesday through to Sunday without fail. During the week and on Sundays it is rare to have to pay to enter and the door stay open until the sun comes up. 

SONOMAN, Fitzroy 1655 is a great standard bar with a nice patio area if you want to go for drinks with friends and chat the night away. 

LA ROSADITA, Thames1696, is a great little restaurant covered in ivy that serves a really good fondue. Very Sex and the City girls! 

NICETO CLUB, Niceto Vega 5510, is one of the most standard nightclubs you’ll find in Buenos Aires playing a wide variety of International and Latin music. It draws the crowds in every single night and offers lots of special deals when you buy tickets ahead of schedule. 

PALERMO ART AND CULTURE :Palermo Viejo is also a great zone to visit during the afternoon because of the many art galleries, large and small that span across the entire area. Work on show ranges from the very traditional kind of watercolor landscape, to daring acts of modern illustrations, which is why any art love can find something of interest to visit and observe when in the Palermo neighborhood. 

PALERMO SHOPPING AND COFFEE SHOPS/DELIS :Be careful not to trick yourself too far that you are in New York when in actual fact you are in the middle of Palermo Viejo. Shopping in the very top of the very top boutiques in Buenos Aires is best done by going door to door along Honduras Street on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a very healthy bank account in tow. 

If you want to be pampered, if you enjoy shopping in places that have only two products on show (slight exaggeration, but you get the point), Palermo Viejo and the beautiful cobbled streets of Honduras all the way up to Plaza Serrano is the way to go about things. 

Indeed, finishing up in Plaza Serrano after an expensive tour of Palermo’s finest boutiques will mean that you can then enjoy browsing around the artisanal market in Plaza Serrano and pick yourself up a few creative bargains along the way too. 


Combining the best of Buenos Aires’ outdoors with the most lavish and luxurious of indoor spaces that the city has to offer, Palermo… and all of its sub-divisions… is THE Porteño experience that you simply mustn’t miss.

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