Remote internships in Argentina: Everything you need to know

Remote internships in Argentina: Everything you need to know

Technology has changed people's lives, in every sense. Some doors opened to activities in different ways, for example, to internships. Thanks to the Internet, today you can take an online internship in even remote countries.

Internships are professional practices taken by young people who are finishing their studies, or by recent graduates. This allows them to take part in a company for a time, functioning within a team, and test their abilities, among other advantages. However, they are not usually paid. 

When carrying out online internships, there are other additional advantages. The person will have an intercultural experience with people from a different country and will be able to add this item to his or her CV. International experience can be useful in future professional interviews, even if they are remote. 

If you're looking for an option to carry out an online internship, Argentina is a great alternative: you'll be able to experiment with a cultural and professional exchange even if you're not in Argentina at the time. For example, you can learn a lot about...

Si estás buscando una opción par realizar pasantías a distancia, Argentina es una buena opción: podrás experimentar un intercambio cultural y profesional aún si no estás en Argentina físicamente. Por ejemplo, puedes aprender sobre...

Argentinian  national holidays and traditions

Argentina is a nation made up of immigrants from different nationalities. This leads to a wide variety of traditions that converge in one single place.  The first thing tourists may notice is that Argentinians gather in parks or at the beach and drink mate. This is a hot infusion similar to tea but prepared with yerba mate and occasionally, sugar. Argentinians share this drink with friends and family because it is a great opportunity to sit down and relax. 

Football is another Argentinian passion. It is the most popular sport in the country and people play it everywhere. There are many Argentinian football stars around the world, but Messi and Maradona are the most popular ones.

In Argentina, unlike in most countries around the world, there are several National Holidays when people do not go to work, they just stay at home and eat a barbecue or relax. Many years ago a new law regarding holidays was passed, so for example, if a National Holiday is on Thursday, Friday is also affected. This is called “feriado puente” and it is supposed to enhance tourism within the country. Some National Holidays are June 20th “Flag’s Day”, July 9th “Independence Day” and October 12th “Cultural Diversity Day”, among others.

Advantages of internships

Virtual internships in Argentina have a series of very positive advantages, like: 

  • You can apply your knowledge and skills: You'll be able to use what you learned at university. Also, you can check whether your abilities are enough to carry out certain tasks or if you need help with certain aspects. 
  • Generate new connections: When you're part of a company, you are in touch with professionals in your field. So, you can establish a relationship with them, connect with new people who can help you later on.
  • You'll gain new skills: you'll have the opportunity of learning new things, like teamwork or using virtual tools. 
  • Personal growth.
  • Possibility of landing a full-time job: if you're lucky and carry out your tasks the best you can, maybe you'll receive an offer for a full-time job at the end of your internship.

Como ya mencionamos, las pasantías online remotas aportar ventajas extra. La primera es la posibilidad de conocer culturas mas allá de la propia, e intercambiar conocimientos, tradiciones, formas de ver el mundo, etc. La segunda ventaja, es el enriquecimiento de tu CV con una experiencia internacional. Contáctanos hoy mismo si quieres saber más y ¡empieza con un intercambio enriquecedor al hacer la pasantía online en Argentina!

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