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Volunteer Requirements:

To be part of a volunteer project you must be 18 years-old or over. You’ll be required to have adequate volunteer travel insurance against sickness, accident and 3rd party liability.
An intermediate understanding of Spanish is extremely helpful. We encourage volunteers to take advantage of the very affordable language lessons offered by our partner staff in Bariloche. Many of those who have taken part in our projects in the past told us that taking these lessons helped them a lot in everyday volunteer work and to communicate with locals.

Location and duration:

CW offers a very attractive and varied number of projects placed both in Buenos Aires and in Bariloche.
Buenos Aires, the capital city of the country, is world famous for its rich and vibrant cultural activity and its European architecture and lifestyle.
This huge city’s high quality entertainment, gastronomic and tourism industries are well renowned, and Tango music and dance shows, football matches, music concerts, theatre plays and cabaret shows are just a few examples of the cultural entertainment you can enjoy there.
Porteños (Buenos Aires born citizens) are proud, friendly, outgoing and passionate people; while gauchos (rural people of the Pampas farming and cattle lands), though also proud in a shyer way, are very hospitable, sensitive and charming.
You can start any day you choose and stay from one week on, for as long as you wish.


A pick up service at the airport is included in the program fee and clear instructions on how to reach the pick up location is detailed in the Pre-departure guide delivered to volunteers by CW once their place in the program is secured.
Volunteers will be driven from the airport to one of Buenos Aires best Youth Hostels, where they’ll meet a member of our local team who will fill them in with basic tips on what to expect of their volunteering experience, general roiles, regional and local customs, and provide them with some useful travelling advice. Every volunteer will receive a welcome pack that contains a local sim phone card, a map and a transports guide.

Accommodation and meals in Buenos Aires:

Our Volunteer House is strategically located in a very nice area of the city and a short commuting distance from the programs placements and most of the many attractions of this unique cosmopolitan center. CW volunteers are placed together in this homely, comfortable and well equipped House. It has free WiFi and great facilities for volunteers, including a roof-top terrace and barbecue area, communal kitchen and living areas, hammocks and a TV room.
Our Volunteer House is a perfect base for your stay in Buenos Aires and an excellent place to make new friends.
You will be provided with groceries to make a continental style breakfast every day, which is prepared in the kitchen/dining room of the volunteer house and includes toast and spreads, cereal and fruit.This arrangement leave volunteers free to enjoy the delicious and Argentinean cuisine in the wide and varied offer of restaurants, pizzerias, parrillas (barbecue restaurants), cafés and pubs scattered all over the place.

On volunteers’ special request and with notice given in advance, CW can arrange for private accommodation and individual bedrooms in family homes located in the fanciest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires city (Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano, etc). The fees for this accommodation do not include any meals but volunteers can use the kitchen facilities and / or make their own arrangements with their host once in site and at an additional cost.
Accommodation and meal arrangements for the program in Bariloche will be described below that program.

A volunteer’s typical week in Buenos Aires:

Our volunteers working schedules vary according to the project they choose, but if you have any special requests please let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule in accordance to your needs.

A typical weekday begins with breakfast at 8:00 AM and then a commuting of half to one hour busride to your project placement. Work stats at about 9:00 AM and depending on the daily requirements  of each project, the working day finishes between 3:00 and 5:00 PM.

There are some breaks during the day and after work volunteers are free to enjoy themselves together and with their new local friends, go downtown, do some sightseeing, shopping and taking advantage of the immense offer of entertainment available all year round in “the city that never sleeps!”
Weekends are left free for most projects, though a few may require some working hours on Saturdays.

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