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People from every corner of the world and all walks of life, aged 18 or older and with a sincere willingness to assist others who need their help; are very welcome to join our local team in the programs run in this amazing country.

The minimum duration for most programs is one week and the maximum is twenty weeks, provided volunteers get the appropriate visa extension.

Volunteers for the Medical health Care Program must provide relevant certifications to prove their professional qualifications and experience.

A good command of the English language is required for most programs.


Locations and Duration

Although the programs are run all year round and volunteers can join any day of the year, we prefer that they arrive on weekends and start off on their placements on a Monday. In the case that they arrive on any weekday, they will begin work and then attend their orientation course on the following Monday.

The programs are based in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal and a most eclectic combination of Buddhist and western influences.


On arriving at the airport, volunteers will be greeted by a welcome committee, and once settled, they will be filled in with all necessary details about their project and stay by a members of our local partner’s organization at their Office in Kathmandu. In this orientation volunteers are introduced to their host families, visit their project’s placement and have a tour around the two-thousand-year-old exotic and yet cosmopolitan city of Kathmandu.


Accommodation and meals

Volunteers are accommodated in a Volunteers Guest House or in the homes of local host families carefully chosen by our local team.

Volunteers for the program located at the Monastery in Pokhara will be lodged in the monastery, which will give them the unique experience to dive deep into the Buddhist philosophy and a good insight of the monastic lifestyle.

Meals included in the program consist mainly on popular Nepali dishes based on rice, noodles, vegetable, chicken, mutton, pork, buffalo, beans and dairy products. Some examples of these are:

-Dahi: yogurt or curd concoction.

Juju Dhau: a creamy curd-based pudding.

-Aloo Tama: made of bamboo shoot and potato.

-Dal: lentil soup accompanied with rice.

-Trakari: a vegetables curry usually served as broth.

Beef is not consumed by most Nepalese because they consider the cow to be a sacred animal.


Working schedules

Generally speaking, volunteers will be required to work four to five hours daily from Sunday to Sunday, though in some projects Sundays are free.

A typical working day begins with breakfast at the guest house or family home at 8:00 AM, and depending on each project, volunteers will then work either in the morning or afternoon. Then they’ll have the evenings free for sightseeing and enjoying themselves together and with their new local friends, visiting museums and temples, going to restaurants, cafes and bars or exploring the market places and surrounding villages nearby.

Saturday is the primary day off in Nepal and is when volunteers can explore a little farther away from Kathmandu and visit Pokhara, Bhaktapur, Chitwan National Park, Gokyo Lakes and the Everest Basecamp.


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