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Top destinations in Bolivia

  • Lake Titicaca is a beautiful lake, situated in between Bolivia and Peru, offering an easy border crossing to make for all who visit. One of its impressive features is that it’s found at 3812 meters above sea level and home to an indigenous group of people who build their homes, schools and other materials from the plants which grow in the lake. They live on top of islands created by these plants which miraculously float on the lake’s surface.
  • The salt lake of Uyuni is the largest salt lake in the world and situated at 3650 metres above sea level. If you’re lucky enough to visit the lake when it rains, you’ll see how this incredibly flat, white space converts into a kind of water mirror of magnificent proportions. Photography fanatics mustn’t lose the opportunity to visit.
  • The Madidi National Park is a rich centre for biodiversity. Many people travel to this part of Bolivia in a deliberate attempt to lose themselves completely in the midst of the wild jungle surroundings. It’s possible to lose connections with the rest of the world when retiring to some of the accommodation options in the depths of these jungle surroundings.

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