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Top Destinations in Guatemala

  • Mayan Ruins of Tikal — From 250 to 900 AD, Tikal was one of the most important and powerful Mayan cities in Guatemala. The jungle slowly took claim of these cities when they were left to rot after the Spanish took over, and this has turned them into a real natural adventure for anyone lucky enough to visit. Tikal is now one of the most prominent Mayan archaeological sites in the world. 
  • Rio Dulce — Lake Izabal bleeds into the River Dulce and then washes away into the Caribbean Sea. Izabal is the largest lake in the country and a beautiful spot to visit to find rest and relaxation. River Dulce is a popular river with active visitors who enjoy all kinds of water-related sports along its rippling currents. It’s also an active area in terms of natural life and beauty. There are lots of opportunities to go bird watching.
  • Chichicastenango — If only because it has one of the most difficult names to pronounce across the whole of Guatemala, Chichicastenango is a pretty mountain town worth visiting. Its artisanal market attracts lots of locals and foreigners alike from Thursday through to Sunday, making it the perfect place to find the a range of souvenirs. You’ll be able to find anything from colorful fabrics in the typical Mayan designs to hand-carved Mayan ceremonial masks.

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