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Life in Thailand

Thai culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism. It is a bit different from other East-Asian countries, because Thai Buddhists follow the Theravada school which is more similar to the Indian tradition. A pre-Buddhist tradition is the spirit house, usually placed at a corner of a building or house, which prevents spirits from entering the house and causing trouble. The bigger the building the larger the spirit house.

As regards arts and sport, some traditional arts include Thai dancing and music, inspired by religious customs and rituals. Certainly, the country’s best known traditional sport is Thai Boxing, which has its origins in the military training of Thai warriors.

In addition to the Gregorian calendar, Thailand also follows the Thai Solar Calendar. It is 543 years ahead, and Thai dates in English are often written as B.E. which stands for “Buddhist Era.” There are a lot of holidays in Thailand, and most of them are based on Buddhist and the monarchy. Fun fact: nobody celebrates all of these holidays, except for banks, which seem to be closed very often!

If you want to travel, you are going to have it easy. There is a huge variety of transport; you can go from one place to another in a lot of different, comfortable and economical options. Our programs in Thailand let our volunteers live and participate in the natives’ daily lives and activities, while helping others to achieve a better quality of life. Our projects focus on the local people and their specific needs. We work along with the local communities, so you can be sure that your work will help them directly. Volunteering is about giving and receiving, and we want to make sure you have an incredible and enriching experience.

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