When is the best time to carry out an internship?

When is the best time to carry out an internship?

Internships are one of the most common work practices in the business world. They consist of temporary jobs with a reduced schedule and the main objective of obtaining experience in a specific field.
Internships are carried out by many professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and accountants, among others. Although the vast majority of internships are non-remunerative, that is, they do not offer a salary, they do have different advantages that can be taken into account.

However, internships are not suitable for all kinds of professionals, nor at any time in a person's working life. For example, a professional doctor with more than 15 years of experience should not participate in an internship, because she/ he is more than prepared to face any full-time job.

Who should take advantage of internships?

When doing an internship, there is a specific group that can obtain the greatest benefits from this experience. This group is made up of those students who are in the last year of their course of studies. This is the perfect moment to participate in an internship.
Those students who are about to become professionals and enter the world of work can find in an internship the threshold, to begin with their first steps. In addition to getting to know their future working environment, the reduced schedule - generally from 4 to 6 hours maximum - allows them to work and study at the same time. Their internship and the course hours of the subjects do not overlap and interns can also have enough time to study for the exams.
On the other hand, those students who have just graduated can also take advantage of internships. They can be divided into two groups: first, new professionals who have an idea or a path in mind, but are unable to carry it out or cannot enter the world of work; second, those who do not know where to begin or the steps to follow after finishing their course of studies.
The labor realm is really competitive, this is why when a labor supply shows up, a great number of workers seem to be ready to fill the vacancy. In addition, one of the most common requirements is experience, which sets fresh students at a disadvantage, especially for the most important companies.
Therefore, resorting to internships may be one of the best options available. That experience can be added to the resume as a more attractive cover letter to an employer in a future job offer.

Additional advantages of internships

Being part of an internship has certain advantages and positive points, such as:
• Participating in the working environment, getting to know how different professionals behave, and manage within a company.
• Teamwork with different colleagues.
• Testing acquired skills and developing new skills.
• Getting connections in the working field within a particular activity.
You can even be lucky enough to get a full-time job after completing the internship, as long as the requested tasks are carried out as efficiently as possible, demonstrating a professional attitude and sufficient ability to assume responsibilities.
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